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2016-2017 Application

Thanks for your interest! We are still accepting applications for the upcoming year and there are many positions still open. 

We offer you a year committed to justice, spirituality, community and leadership. This can be a powerful path to transformation!

All of the information you’ll need to apply is included in this application packet. Send your completed information to

Preference will be given to applications received on or before March 15th. Applications are reviewed as they are submitted. Applications received after mid-March will be reviewed and accepted as program space and placements allow.

Here’s the review process:

1) Applications are reviewed by the St. Joseph Worker interview team. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the process.

2) There are two steps to the interview process:
  • Interviews with St. Joseph Worker Program staff
  • Placement-site interviews with the placement supervisor. Our goal is to find a placement that best suits your unique gifts and interests and program specific needs.

3) Program acceptance is finalized after you, the placement supervisor and the SJW staff agree there is a good fit.

If you:
  • Are curious about the status of your application
  • Have additional questions or concerns
  • Must withdraw your application, even after final acceptance, please let us know as soon as possible Bridgette at or 651-690-7049.

The St. Joseph Worker Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, ability, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
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